Dive Program #3 AMED

Dive Program #3 AMED

Amed is a very good diving spot for macro and muck divingfans. You will find there many critters and small weird stuff to discover. There are beautiful, bright, colourful fish and all sorts of rich marine life to discover. And what’s surprising is that the vibrant coral is so close to the shoreline

Price: 1,350,000 IDR per pax  No. of Dive: 2     Additional dive: 350,000 IDR per pax


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  • Minimum diver 2

  • Include: Dive Guide (Max is 1 dive guide to 4 divers)

  • Equipment (Mask, Wetsuit, BC, Flippers, Dive computer, Air Tank (Air/Nitrox), weight, regulator)

  • Lunch and Drink

  • Transport from dive center to dive site if needed

Amed Area (Ghost Bay, Jemeluk, Amed Reef, Amed Wall)




Level Required: OW     Normal Diving Depth: 10 to 20m     Sealife : 3.5/5     Current: None-Mild     Visibility: m or more     Boat ride: few mins  


Recommended for: Macro Photography/Wall/Muck     Type: Artificial/Hard/Soft Coral, Sandy, Wall     Availability: All year round