Dive Program #2 Tulamben Area

Dive Program #2 Tulamben Area

The USS liberty shipwreck is a must for any divers going to Bali. If you are a beginner diver it is a unique opportunity to scuba dive a world class wreck dive site. If you are an experienced diver try to go further to the deeper part of the wreck around 35 m deep and look at the wonderful bow gun covered with Coral. It is a great photo opportunity! Moreover for macro lovers you can also find the rare pygmy seahorse in the area.  All over the wreck you will spot schooling fishes, trevallies and barracudas looking for their next meal and Blacktip Reef Sharks patrolling the area. On the sandy part, watch the garden Eels dance and try to spot the giant Sweetlips often there.

Price: 1,200,000 IDR per pax  No. of Dive: 2       Additional dive: 350,000 IDR per pax


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  • No minimum diver

  • Include: Dive Guide (Max is 1 dive guide to 4 divers)

  • Equipment (Mask, Wetsuit, BC, Flippers, Dive computer, Air Tank (Air/Nitrox), weight, regulator)

  • Lunch and Drink

  • Transport from dive center to dive site if needed

Tulamben (Beach Dives, Wreck of the USS Liberty, Coral Garden and Drop Off)




Level Required: OW     Normal Diving Depth: 10 to 35m     Sealife : 4/5     Current: None-Mild     Visibility: 15m or more     Shore Dive


Recommended for: Macro Photography/Wreck/Wall/Relax Drift/School of fish     Type: Hard/ Soft Coral, Sandy     Availability: All year round