Nusa Penida Dive Site


Nusa Penida, in front of Padang Bai, is often called the ‘Sister Island’ of Bali. Less than 30 minutes on our speedboat and we are ready to jump in crystal the clear waters of Nusa Penida 4 drift dives which start from the Biasmuntig Peninsula and finish at Krambitan Peninsula

The reef here is incredible and of a similar stracture all along the stretch: a slop of hard corals that runs to -50m . There is always current here from pleasant 1 knot to a roaring 4 knots, which keeps the water clear all year round. Because of the proximity of deep water and the strong current, this is a good area to see the large “pelagic” such as giant trevallies (Caranx ignobilis), sharks, eagle rays (Dasyatis kuhlii) and turtles (Chelonidae).

On all dive sites described here the special animal to find here is the rare giant ocean sunfish (Mola-mola). Sunfishes normally live up to 300 meter deep. But around Nusa Penida they come close to the surface between August and October each year